Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Justice for Little Girl Raped At The Age Of Two In Athens, Georgia

 Athens, Ga— A two-year-old little girl was raped and tortured approximately eleven years ago in Athens-Clarke County over an extensive period of time, she has told authorities who committed the heinous acts and nothing has been done to bring closure for the child, or to prosecute the criminals. Her counselors state an arrest would bring closure and start the healing process. She does not have closure and wants to know why so many pedophiles are being arrested and the two men who tortured and raped her were never arrested. 
     The Little Girl was seen at The North Georgia Cottage, a 501(3)C organization in Athens-Clarke County. During such time, Sexual Assault Center of Northeast Georgia, Inc.'s 2009, federal tax returns show that Athens-Clarke County District Attorney Ken Mauldin was a board member. The Sexual Assault Center of Northeast Georgia changed its name to The Cottage, Sexual Assault Center and Children's Advocacy Center in October of 2008, according to their website. 
      The Cottage Sexual Assault Center's federal tax returns from 2010, lists Ken Mauldin, Esq., as a Director. The Re-Elect Ken Mauldin website shows him seeking re-election for District Attorney in November 2004. Mauldin is currently the District Attorney and according to the Athens Clarke County website, " The Office of the District Attorney serves primarily as the prosecuting attorney in the Superior Court of Athens-Clarke and Oconee counties. 
      In Athens-Clarke County Georgia, the district attorney is responsible for the prosecution of all criminal cases involving at least one felony charge. The mission statement of The Cottage states that they, “…Provide intervention, advocacy, referrals, and support for survivors and families impacted by child abuse and sexual assault. The Cottage also raises awareness and provides prevention education about these issues." The Little Girl, her biological mother and one of the men who tortured her, were sent to The North Georgia Cottage to be examined and interviewed after one of the many rapes. 
     District Attorney Ken Mauldin Resigned from The Cottage board of directors after his directorship was made public. 
     The child was adopted into a caring home. Her adopted mother requested incident reports and was denied. The following report was obtained in 2013. Incident Report Number CRN 01-08-12-0812 Dated from 10-01-08 to Date 10-15-08 Aggravated Child Molestation Code Section 16-6-4. The incident report proves that The Little Girl was raped approximately 11 years ago.
      The physician’s account of a medical examination also show that The Little Girl was molested. This child is worthy of having these men prosecuted, and she suffers because this case has been swept under the rug. 
    The family is currently seeking an attorney for this case. 

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