Friday, May 31, 2013

Update: Meeting With Major Mark Sizemore and Assistant Chief Fred Stephens May 21, 2013

The Little Girl's (adopted)mother and supporters met with Chief Fred Stephens and Major Mark Sizemore of the Athens Clarke County Police Department on May 21, 2013.

This meeting was basically a status update of their investigation. Sizemore and Stephens basically stated that independent doctors feel that injuries to the little girl are consistent of straddle injuries such as those obtained while riding a wooden rocking horse. One of the supporters asked whether or not police had investigated the home where this rape occurred to look for the wooden horse. 

(How could a 3 year old child make such graphic descriptions of rape while naming the men who did this to her? A rocking horse? Really? )

It is very obvious that The Athens-Clarke County Police are making yet another attempt to pass the buck.

Apparently, the Athens Clarke County Police are going to overlook the findings of the initial doctor, who incidentally happens to be Black.

No written report was presented to the mother or supporters from the two independent doctors. 

Police also stated that they could not locate the men in question. The Little Girl's mother had previously told them where to find them - one address included jail.