Monday, April 6, 2015

Justice Is Blind In Athens, Georgia

Justice is certainly blind in the case of #TheLittleGirl. 

 Her mother has secured pro bono services of an Atlanta Law Firm. The firm is proceeding with legal processes to bring about justice. As a result, the family has been the recipient of several instances of harassment. The most recent is a traffic stop which requires that Mrs. Addison appear in court. The ticket could not be simply paid as most traffic tickets are. 

She feels coerced into signing the ticket as the officer knew the child was very sick and that any loving mother would sign such to get their child well as quickly as possible.

Mrs. Addison was actually taking #TheLittleGirl to an emergency clinic for treatment of vomiting, fever and diarrhea. A vomit bag was in the car. The officer observed it.  The officer observed that the child was ill and stated, "well ya shoulda called the ambulance". Mrs. Addison is a crusader of justice for this child and obviously, the Athens - Clarke County government has no interest in justice for her. 

This is a child whom counselors have stated MUST have justice to heal.

Additionally, there has been a continuous media "black out" surrounding this case. Joe Johnson, the only criminal writer for the Athens Banner Herald has blocked me from his twitter account and has done the same on Facebook. What is he hiding? He's stated that he would write something when there is a legal filing.  To my knowledge that has happened. Why haven't the local stations and the only newspaper taken an interest in this little Black girl who was raped at such a tender age. Why does race matter? Because if she were white something would have been done by now. Many have confirmed that the North Georgia Cottage specifically follows through with white rape victims, yet; this case was swept under the rug!  District Attorney Ken Mauldin is one individual with the abilities to do something about this grave issue.

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