Thursday, August 1, 2013

Donate To The Little Girl's Legal Fund

An incident report is evidence of  #TheLittleGirl being raped at the age of TWO, and not three as previously reported. A year ago, the incident report was requested and that request was denied.  We now know that The Athens, Clarke County Police Department dropped the ball and 5 years later there begins an effort to rush a conviction.  We are demanding a thorough investigation void of innocent persons being convicted. 

Upon locating a pro bono polygraph expert, Athens Clarke County Police Department refused to cooperate. 

The Committee has determined that The Little Girl is in need of a legal team.   

Please contribute to the Little Girl's Legal Defense Fund:

1. Mail Donations To The Bank
     First American Bank & Trust
      The Little Girl
       First American Bank & Trust
       Box 1688
       Athens, Georgia    30603

2. Electronically  - Make Donations Via Pay Pal

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